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Halloween Treats and Decorating Ideas

By The Style Sisters - Thursday, October 08, 2009

On Tuesday a bunch of gals from church and some neighbors all got together to share Fall/Halloween ideas!
I made these Guacamole Ghoul Eyes out of Cherry tomatoes and Wholly Guacamole topped with a sliced olive. So deeelish!!

How about this cute Bat lamp!! You can find directions here

You can buy this headstone at the dollar store! Then modge podge the areas you want to add glitter to and sprinkle away!! Marsha's daughter Mindy brought this. Plus the fake pumpkin painted black and she added glitter to the polka dots. So adorable.

Sandi brought all these great food ideas that she has done with her little boy. Monster cupcakes made from all kinds of candies and "brain cupcakes". (Martha Stewart) Then she served carrots and celery from science beakers. Such cute ideas!
Virginia made these adorable ghost cookies from Nutter Butter cookies and dipping them in white chocolate.

Here is a picture of just some of the gals that came.

We also learned about some important health tid bits from Michelle who also happens to be a nurse on how to combat our families from getting the flu.


Those green balls fell from a tree in the park and I added some fake spiders to make it creepy!
Sandi made these cute "crackers" (Martha Stewart) filled with Halloween Kisses.

Tanya made the cute Sock Bats with her kids and showed us how to do it too.

Rainie made these yummy treats from Bakerella

Allison made these adorable Marshmallow mummies with marshmallows and fruit roll-up. Are they just so cute or what!

Michelle made these adorable bats from tiny orange pumpkins and painted them black and added wings cut from black foam sheets that she attached with toothpicks. Make sure you make a hole in the pumpkins with something sharp as these pumpkins are very hard!

Rainie also got recipes from
Bakerella on how to make "cake pops" that look like mummies. They turned out perfect!

I hung up one of my lime green Halloween banners that I made and we placed the jar of "Brains" (cauliflower in tinted water) and the Pasta Skeletons on my side board.

A Boo Banner enhanced with glitter! So Easy to make!

Bug Stew!! (Martha Stewart) Sandi also brought this cool "bug stew" that she made. Using a witches cauldron and reindeer moss, white pipe cleaners, bugs and spiders glued and glittered! It was amazing.

Another fabulous idea from Sandi and Martha Stewart. Twigs from her yard painted black and then you make the paper ornaments from a pattern on Martha Stewart.

Pasta Skeletons (Martha Stewart)

Service Idea for families: Secretly leave a treat and this poem that asks them to do the same thing...secretly pass on some special treats to someone else and so on and so on..... So fun to do with your kids and this allows them to think of someone else through the Halloween holiday instead of just what they will be getting.

There was even more ideas and fabulous food but this is all the photos I have.
What fun ideas can you share with us?
Put a link to your ideas when you leave a comment.
Happy Halloween!!
I am participating in Kimba's DIY Day
Make sure you go on over to see what everyone else has shared.

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  1. That looks like one fun party! Such clever ideas too...I'm doing a party for all my grands..I make the cutest skeleton head cupcakes ever and I'm going to make a kitty litter cake just to gross them out a bit! I want to do the marshmellow mummy's..so cute! Thanks for sharing, cute, cute!
    Come say hi :D

  2. Wow, What a talented bunch you all are. Thanks for sharing these great ideas for Halloween.


  3. OHHH I am dying over everything!!!! AMAZING!! I so want to do a Halloween party this year!! we'll see! Maybe you could fly into DGO and HELP ME!!!!! he he he J/K Talk to you later!!
    Love, me

  4. WOW is all I can say...I plan on making the sock bats and the mummys for my daughter prek class...this is so cool...thanks for sharing this night of great ideas...love the brains in the green color...I can't wait to borrow your ideas....fun fun fun!

  5. These ideas are so great -makes me wish I had little kids again instead of teenagers! Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a fun event! Lots of great ideas exchanged and yummy food! I love the black glittered pumpkin - I'll remember that for next year!


  7. man! that looks like sooooo much fun! i love halloween...it's my most favorite holiday!

  8. CUTE! Love the glitter headstone (of course the Mod Podge rocks) and I want some covered Nutter Butters. Yeah!

  9. Reading your blog honestly just makes me hungry :)

  10. Love the decorations! Have you seen the way Clever Cookie decorated their cookies for Halloween this year, they look so good

  11. I love the decorations and all the wonderful goodies everyone brought!
    What a great party...And it was nice that your nurse friend could come and give everyone tips on staying well with everything that is going around!

    Fun, Fun, Fun!


  12. oh so fun!! I am coming out of hiding. missed you! love all of the ideas! ha cracks me up!

  13. Amazing ideas! Thank you for visiting my blog and giving me some great ideas for my cage!!! I will be stopping by OFTEN to oogle your ideas and creativity! MIKI

  14. Wow..just amazing ideas...so many in one spot!

    Love those marshmallows looking like mummies!
    sandy toe

  15. What a FUN party! You and your friends are super-creative. I am so impressed. :) The treats all look fabulous, and I love the crafts. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  16. Lots of fabulous ideas. Thanks for sharing and thanks for commenting on my blog.

  17. Hi this is my first visit to your blog. You have neat stuff. We have some things in common. You should come and check out my parties sometime. I welcome new followers too. Staci www.designingandmotherhood.blogspot.com

  18. Great ideas! I'm making the nutter butter cookies for sure! Thanks for visiting me!

  19. Looks like it was a very fun get together! A lot of really good ideas:)

  20. Thanks for visiting. I love all your halloween decorations. The party looks like so much fun. That's a great idea too. I'm always up for a party. Have a beautiful day.

  21. Oh lovely halloweendecorations.Really a treat to the eyes.

  22. Lots of great ideas. I am going over to check out those bats!

  23. those are some pretty fun ideas, it reminds me why I LOVE Halloween so mcuh. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.



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