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Tablescape Thursday...Red White And Blue Graduation Party

By The Style Sisters - Thursday, June 11, 2009

Since it is Tablescape Thursday over at Between naps on the Porch I have decided to post Emily's Red White and Blue graduation party pics. These ideas might help you for your 4th of July festivities as well.
First thing we decided to do was to re-use the white paper lanterns that we have used for many parties starting with our oldest daughters wedding. We spray paint them when we need to add a little color like orange for a Halloween party that we had or red for a Chinese dinner or for the 4th of July!

My oldest daughter.... Madeline and her dad actually put together most of these decorations while I prepared the food with my mom and mother-in-law sister and sister-in-law.

We used Emily's high school T-shirts and Sweat pants to decorate the table and outdoor space by hanging some of them with tape in the windows.

Don't you just love how cut up watermelon always looks so beautiful! My mom made it look like a flower.

Here is a picture of the high school t-shirts hung up along with her gigantic MUM (the silvery thing hanging up in the background with long ribbons.)

t is a Texas Oklahoma tradition.

The kids waiting for the festivities to start! Since her school colors are red white and blue we brought out the flags to add some color as well.

You can see more of the Asian lanterns mixed with white lights and blue and white tulle flowing from the ceiling. We served some yummy grilled hawaiin chicken, corn on the cob, yams, broccoli salad, watermelon and a delicious drink made from Limeaid and 7-up with lots of crushed ice. At Emily's school they make "Senior Roalty pants"..they paint their jeans and iron on fabric letters to make them festive. We had to hang them up as well.

Here is our delicious corn and yams getting ready to be grilled.

How about this for ingenuity from my cute hubby!! We did not have anything to put water bottles in and he looked in the garage and found one of these bushel baskets and lined it with a trash bag by stapling it to the sides. Added lots of ice and water bottles and hellooooo. Fabulous!

Yeah we call him "Marty Stewart"!

See the sweat pants and T-shirts on the table. Cute huh!

Emily and her Pal Madi made the dessert for the whole gang. Fruit Pizzas!!!

Can you say yummmm!! The raspberries were on sale for a $1.00 a basket? (whatever that is called).

After we ate dinner we all went to a free outdoor concert where a Salsa band was playing and we all got up and danced and it was so much fun!

Congtatulation to our Cute Emmy-Sue! You have done well and I know you will go on to do many more great and fabulous things.

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  1. What a great Tablescape Celebration! Very festive.
    Looks like a lot of fun for all.
    This is my first time to Tablescape Thursday.
    Sure is fun.
    Hope you'll drop by and say hey.

  2. Waht a wonderful party you had! I especially love the jeans. Aren't family times just the best? Thanks for sharing.


  3. It looks great! I just love family gatherings. I had a grad party at my house for my nephew last year but his colors were black and gold, so not nearly as festive.

    Nice job. Congratulations to your daughter.

  4. What a great party. The food all looks so yummy! Tell your daughter Congratulations!

  5. It looks like everyone was having a blast..and the food looks fabulous.

  6. OMG! I have an Allen Eagle Too! Actually I've had 3 of them ,the 3rd just graduated and is LSU bound. Small,small world! Love your blog!

  7. Truly enjoyed this post! Thanks for the great decoration ideas!

  8. What a fun party, looks like you all had a great time. Am learing so much from the Tablescape posts, all kinds of interesting inspiration.

  9. Graduation time is one of those GREAT events that sorta let themselves happen. Great time w/ friends and family and often times goes with great food. (obviously as you did)

    Your pictures brought such a smile. Lovely lovely.


  10. Love all the decorations...I am having a Fall bridal shower and those laterns I saw at the dollar store...never even ocurred I could spray paint them fall colors...ok back to the store to pick those babies up for my must share more neat ideas so I can grab them from you....oh and I am grabbing your button!


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