"Mom let's go on a road trip for Spring Break!" - The Style Sisters

"Mom let's go on a road trip for Spring Break!"

By The Style Sisters - Monday, March 23, 2009

My cute 18 year old daughter Emily and I had plans to fly to Utah to visit some of our family for Emily's spring break and since my older daughter works for an airline and we can get buddy passes we thought this would be great...especially since my husband was in China on business. We get to the airport on Friday and wait all day trying to fly stand-by...but as the story sometimes goes...it was packed and no seats were available and it did not look good for the rest of the weekend...so Emily says to me "Mom, lets' go on a road trip!" and I am thinking to myself....yuck...I don't want to drive a million miles I would rather fly...
but Emily convinces me to hop in the car the next day and drive 14 hours to my sisters house in Colorado for Spring break. Off we go....listening to the soundtrack from the broadway musical "Wicked" and singing at the top of our lungs! And munching on snacks and treats.
We drive from Dallas Texas to Amarillo Texas to Gallup, New MexicoSnapping random photos all along the way.....

Emily loves anything sparkly and she spied these sparkly signs and had to take a picture of them.

You gotta love old buildings and old signs in small little towns.

The happy mom driving for miles and miles and miles.....Oh and of course some fast food! What road trip would be complete without it?I liked this restaurants name the best because that is my nickname Karin-Bob! OOOOH and I loved this shop in Bernalillo, New Mexico...Jackalope!! It has such an amazing collection of beautiful mexican table linens and colorful glasses that make you feel like you are on vacation in the carribean! I bought some and will show you how fun they make the table look in my next post.
Once in Colorado we are greeted by Tiffany and her family. On St. Patrick's day Tiff made us all some green french toast with green milk all served on green plates and glasses! It was so fun. The kids loved it.
Tiffany and I decided to get "crack a lackin" on some sewing projects while I was there and each one of them ended up frustrating the heck out of us!! Oh my gosh at one point I was reading the pattern directions from one of Amy Butlers patterns out loud about a billion times
and we both just kept looking at each other laughing out loud uncontrollably because we just could not make sense of it at all!! (of course it did not have anything to do with the fact that it was around 1AM in the morning)
Two hours later we finished ONE CD holder but it really did turn out soooo cute!!

On one of the days Emily got to go horseback riding for the first time in her life with a "cute cowboy" she met and she really had a great time.The three of us went into Durango, Colorado for some shopping and lunch at a darling Italian restaurant.

Tiffany and Emily...yeah I know they look like sisters. (uh huh I had a lady ask me if I was Tiffany's mother!!! Rude!)

Emily feeding Tiffany with a gigantic spoon at Pier One Imports.

"Do you like my fabric choice?"

Emily brushing my cheek with a huge brush from Pier One Imports.

Cute shops in downtown Durango!

More cool old buildings in downtown Durango.

and more...

Nothing like hanging out with your sister (eventhough I look like I could be her mother!!)

After a week with Tiff we hopped back in the car for another 14 hours to back home to Texas!
Oh hey a big shout out to all those in the Bayfield ward that I met that follow the blog!!! All of you were so nice and friendly and I really enjoyed meeting y'all. :)

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip to me! How special to spend all that quality time with your daughter and sister! Thanks for sharing your story and great memories!

  2. Looks like you gals had a ball!

  3. Karin,what a fun trip you girls had! Thanks for all the pictures. I can just see you guys up sewing and laughing all night! I love your green reading glasses! Give Emily a hug from me.

  4. WE DID HAVE THE BEST TIME HUH!!!!! I miss you guys sooo much but cant wait to see you in a week :o) :o) :o) Love all these photos of us!!!
    (he he he)just kidding!! (knew I would make you laugh...)

    Love, Tiff

  5. How wonderful that you and your daughter enjoy spending time together so much. I can only hope we're the same when my daughter is that age. You've clearly done something right!

    So glad Tim and fam got to go Disneyland!! I bet it really was the happiest place on earth that day!

  6. What a fun time you all had! And what great memories you will have with your daughter! :)



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