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A New Year

By The Style Sisters - Friday, January 02, 2009

A Brand New Year......
First things first...I need to put away the Christmas decorations and clean up the place a bit and then....I am on to renewing a few things in the house this year. I really want to create an amazing craft room...one that I will want to spend time in and that is organized. Here are a few pictures that motivate me to come up with inexpensive ideas to get the looks.

Pottery Barn (Of course)

These pictures are from http://springchickdesigns.blogspot.com/ awesome ideas for sewing craft rooms..plus she is one creative gal herself!

More ideas from Springchick

Another awsome idea from Pottery Barn. Love the open shelving under the desk top. Plus I love the height of the table.

What things are you going to "renew or refresh" in your home this year?

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  1. WOW! That would be a dream come true to have a wonderful craft room like that!

    My FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS is to get my Christmas Decorations put away. Hopefully I'll get to that today. Then I have multiple trash to treasure project awaiting me in my garage. Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks for the mention! I had to laugh when I saw your first PB inspiration picture - that was the one that inspired me too!
    - Kari, Spring Chick

  3. Those sure are beautiful! It would be a dream come true to be able to accomplish that!

  4. How Crafty! Happy New Year!


  5. Mmm... loving these inspiration pics. I've never really decided what to do in my office, maybe this will be the year I actually get off my duff and DO something about it. :)

  6. great craft rooms...I wish mine looked so good. I'm lucky to have my very, own do anything I want in it, room but it used to be the husbands and he made me leave the faux brick up on one wall. Yikes, it's horrible!!! Men have some strange ideas about decorating...I just ordered all new bedding for our room and will re-paint the coffee colored walls something called "writer's parchement" by Ralph Lauren....one of his 300 colors of the shade white....No brick!!!



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