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Baby Shower & Thanksgiving for 34 people!

By The Style Sisters - Sunday, November 30, 2008

Well I am back from our trip to my mom's house. It was way fun...crazy but fun. It all started with a baby shower for my daughter Madeline. My mom and sister and my other daughter Emily pulled it all together using Hot pink and black. See the photos below. My cute mom slaved by baking all the goodies from scratch way in advance and freezing them. All the cupcakes, mini chocolate bundt cakes, the double decker cake and the regular sized cupcakes were all baked a week in advance. How fabulous is that! My Mom is one amazing gal. Emily did the frosting on all the cupcakes and Tiff did the fun chocolate mini bundt cakes..filling them with chocolate ganache and topping them all off with fresh raspberries. I frosted the layered cake and used tiny silk pom pom flowers for decoration. Mom whipped up the hot pink and black polka dotted table cloth just for the shower. Did I say she is amazing? Then we had the idea of filling one of her apothacary jars with pink mint candies and tying some black and white polka dot ribbon around the jar. Very cute! Then I had seen in a magazine the little glass jars filled with little flowers tied with ribbon hanging from a chandelier and thought how cute that would look. So I made a few of them to hang and they turned out adorable. We also hung a clothesline and used some of the clothes that Madeline has already received and hung them with miniture clothes pins. We served a yummy pasta salad, a spinach salad that my sister in-law made and some yummy pumpkin muffins that mom also made. We played a hysterical blind fold two people and give them two bowls each. One bowl is filled with cotton balls and the other has none. Each player is then given a spoon and they have to fill the other bowl with the cotton balls. Truly you can't see what you are doing and rarely a ball goes into the bowl. We each took turns and laughed until our sides hurt. We all had a great time and everyone shared parenting tips with Madeline.

Then it was on to Thanksgiving for 34 people!
We cooked and cooked, and baked and baked, did a million and one dishes for days! Mom and Tiff set up all the tables and chairs and set the table at the local Lion's club Hall (down the street from Mom's house). We needed lots of space for 34 people.

Me and my girls cooking away early in the morning.

The dining Hall

My Step Mom's famous creamed corn!

The Homemade Pies!!

Our Cute Bro. He is doing pretty darn good. He has a red rash from the Chemo but he still has an amazing attitude and smile!

The kid Table

The Dishwashers!

Tiff and Kelly

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  1. That shower looked like fun...and so did your Thanksgiving!!! Love the tablecloth & hanging flower vases! Hope she got alot of nice gifts!

  2. Omigosh, your shower looked amaaaazing! WOW!

    One more baby shower gift for you...
    A $250 gift card for cord blood banking:

  3. I'm exhausted just reading about what you did! You need a nap, girl! The shower was absolutely adorable, and I still can't get over the 34 people!

  4. Wow, That looks like it was an amazing shower! I guess thats what's it's all about right! Shower each other with love.... :-)

  5. Hi...a belated Happy Thanksgiving...I loved the idea at the shower where you hung the baby clothes on the mini clothespins..very cute..And speaking of cute, your brother is adorable. I hope he's doing well...

  6. I adore that table cloth your mom whipped up.... wow what a cute cute shower.... your daughters cook? MIne do not.... what a treat...

  7. What a fun Thanksgiving!! I love the craziness of it! The shower turned out so cute too!! Now I know where you get your domestic divaness from!

  8. You are so blessed to have such a large, loving family! The Thanksgiving feast looks so good! And your daughter's baby shower was spectacular! Your mom is incredible! Best wishes to the soon to be mom and her little bundle of joy!!...Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

  9. WOW you all really had a wonderful time...that is what it is all about...Thankful for family!

  10. Wow Mom you really pulled off another good one - I just wish everyone who has commented could have been there to see the cuteness and taste the deliciousness! It really was a wonderful shower and maybe you should go into party planning! He he...

    I can't wait to see your fireplace mantle!

    Love you and see you SOON!


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