Outdoor Concert Last Night - The Style Sisters

Outdoor Concert Last Night

By The Style Sisters - Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Hubs and I went to a really fun outdoor concert last night for Family Home Evening. It was a group from Philadelphia .....similar to "The four Tops" and they played all the great Mow town hits from the 60's and early 70's. There were tons and tons of families there....sitting on lawn chairs or on blankets just enjoying the music. Lots of people went down to the front where the entertainers were performing and danced with their kids...it was really a lot of fun to get out and enjoy the evening.

On of the cutest members of the audience was our "surrogate" grandchild.... Carson! He is just a little nugget of pudge. He loved the music and wanted to run all over the grass area and be right up front where all the action was.
There is just something special about live music that brings people together like nothing else. The last song of the night was a great oldie song "Love Train" ...and pretty soon everyone gathered into a train connecting one person to another...it was huge! People of every different race, men, women, children, mentally challenged people, old and young people, people in all different shapes and sizes.... all connected to each other with smiles on every face.....It was magical and beautiful...and I got choked up....and thought to myself....If this could only happen to everyone everywhere.....peace, acceptance, joy and happiness amongst all people. :)

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