Dining by the pool soothing tablescape

By Karin Brosnan - Friday, May 05, 2017

I started this centerpiece with a black and white striped runner from IkeaDining by the pool soothing tablescape- The style sisters
I added these large clear compote glass goblets filled with water and some green hydrangeas from the yard including a few leaves.Green hydrangea centerpiceI love using fresh leaves from flower bushes in the yard. I did not have any skinny candle sticks so placed a fat candle on top of my silver candles sticks but underneath I added a few hydrangea leaves to bring more green color up.Here you can see the little black votive candle holders I got at the dollar store!!
I just created a little pattern all down the striped runner...... black votive candle holders, glass goblet with hydrangeas, silver candlesticks...all the way down.
I love how it turned out.Dining by the pool soothing tablescape- The style sistersI gotta say these little $1.00 votive candle holders are fabulous!
Here you can see I used my black and white "frenchy" looking salad plates mixed with the tan dessert plates (thrift store!! Brand new set of 4 for $5.00) and my regular white dinner plates from Ikea. The tan and brown striped napkins were from Crate and Barrel outlet 3 yrs ago  I didn't know if I would like the brown mixed with black but it really turned out nice.
The black chargers are my gold ones flipped upside down!!
Dining by the pool soothing tablescape- The style sisters
Now you start to see the glowing effect from the candles as the sun went down.
We also have hanging above...some white bulb lights to illuminate things even more.
Dining by the pool soothing tablescape- The style sistersDining alfresco in the backyard!
Who knew tan, white, black, brown and green could look so elegant?tan and black placesetting- The Style SistersI just love how the centerpiece turned out...so simple and yet so elegant. I am thrilled to have used what I had around the house and in the yard to create a pretty table and Centerpiece!
Next time I will show you how I changed out just a couple of things to make the table totally different but I kept the same centerpiece.

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  1. Super sharp, Karin. I love all of this, especially how you mix high and low sourced items to where it elevates the entire setting!
    Rita C at Panoply