Can you Spray Paint Bathroom faucets?...Oh yes you can!

Can you spray paint your bathroom faucets, lights, door handles and shower trim?
Will it last?....
I have moved from this house so I don't know how it has held up...But I think as long as you don't use abrasive cleaners on the faucets they should last a long time. I would also ask your local paint guy at Lowe's or Home Depot if there is some sort of sealer to put over them to protect them from hard water spots.
We did a lot to this room. We added trim around the mirrors, painted the faucets, door knobs, cabinet knobs and shower trim black and I also made curtains for the shower area as well as the other side of the bathroom over the window.
Do you not love this little chandy!! It is candles so it is safe to put above the tub...well unless the dripping hit you while you are in the tub...but nonetheless it looks cute!

See the before pictures as you move on is dramatic!
We are thrilled with the results!

Let's take a trip down memory is the before shot of the shower area with the lovely orange and yellow wallpaper and brass trim around the shower. We used an oil base satin finish black paint for the trim

Here is the after!! We painted over the wallpaper with a delicious robin's egg blue color and I made this toile valance from fabric that I purchased at
Wal-Mart probably 3 years ago!
It looks amazing made into a valance and then I simply whipped up a basic black curtain to go underneath. I think this just made the room pop!
I even spray painted the yellow tiered wire basket black!

Here is the other vanity on the other side of the bathroom after we painted the walls..but no knobs on the cabinets or drawers, no trim around the mirror and you can still see all the brass faucets and towel rack and the brass lights.What a difference! My amazing hubby added the trim around the mirrors, we spray painted the faucets with a textured black paint (close-ups are shown later) then we bought some silver knobs at Lowes and spray painted them black too.
After with the black trim around the mirror, the black knobs, the new lighting painted black and the curtains hung
We even took the door knobs off of all the doors and sprayed them black too.
Here is the bath tub during the process. We could not figure out how to get the bath tub fixtures off so I had to tape all around everything to be able to spray paint them. It was a pain but....

So worth it don't you think?
Okay here is the one mishap...see these lovely brass lights...well we went to Lowes to find something to replace them....we did...the lights were gorgeous and seriously marked down.....
Here are the new lights...they were silver so I spray painted them black...they have white bell shaped covers that hang off of where the blue tape is....
I was so excited to get them hung up...they were going to be perfect! Well....

As fate would have it..once we took off the old ones..we discovered that there were 3 separate holes cut in the mirror and the new fixtures (the ones that I had just spray painted ) only have one small base to cover it with! We tried all kinds of different ideas...cutting a piece of wood for a new base, we thought about adding more mirror to cover the holes...after running all over town trying to come up with a simple solution.... we ended up having to buy another new set of simple lights and spray painting them black and my sweet amazing hubby hung them up to cover the holes. (why didn't we just spray paint the old ones you may be asking? because my hubby chucked them and they were gone) So I gave two sets to my sister for her new bathroom and I still have one that I hope to use somewhere else. Sink faucets before...

Sink faucets after! We took them off and lightly sanded them and then spray painted them with a textured flat black spray paint...Krylon Outdoor spaces textured finish..but I think any kind of black textured spray paint would work. . They look like Iron now and seem to be holding up quite well. I still have to figure out how to get rid of the cracks in the sinks.
For anyone thinking of doing this....I would probably use a primer of some sort on the faucets underneath to help the paint adhere even better.
To clean them..I would use a clorox wipe.... nothing that would scratch it.
WE love love love how it all turned out !

Would love to know if anyone else has tried this...let me know!!

Have you checked out this beautiful grey painted masterbedroom makeover we did here using Annie Sloan Chalk will be oohing and ahhhing over it! It always amazes me to see what paint can do to out dated furniture! 

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