Dessert Plate Giveaway! at Eat Lotsa Chocolate!

My cute Mom is hosting her first giveaway over on her amazing blog called
Eat Lotsa Chocolate!
Mom is a chocolatier and the most amazing homemaker, decorator and all around and best mom ever!!You will want these little dessert plates for your very own.
Oh and did I mention she's a chocolatier!
Mom sells her chocolate tortoises right there on her blog.
Go check it out

The giveaway is for a set of 6 darling dessert plates!
They are small white plates with the little black words "Just Desserts" printed on them and there is also little black and white cupcake, a whole cake and a slice of cake.
There are two of each kind!

For a total of 6 dessert plates to win!!
Doesn't this look delicous with some of mom's chocolate served on them!

Make sure you go there and enter for the giveaway and check out all her delicious chocolates for sale. Plus recipes, tablescapes, funny chocolate stories and the chocolate quote of the day!
Let her know I sent ya over :)

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