Beauty and the Beast Chandelier DIY

By Karin Brosnan - Friday, July 28, 2017

Yesterday I posted about The Beauty and the Beast Girls camp decor and especially this fun Chandelier DIY! I found it on Life is a Party but I changed a couple of things.
Beauty and the Beast chandelier DIY- The style sisters
 I found the large one and small one at thrift stores and all I needed was the middle size and I found that at Hobby Lobby for about $1.99! 

Beauty and the Beast chandelier DIY- The style sisters
You take the hoops and pull them apart so you only have one hoop per size.
 (you could actually make two chandeliers)

 I found the plastic gold silverware at hobby lobby too and I think they were 2.99 for a set of 8 place settings. I bought three bags.

Beauty and the Beast chandelier DIY- The style sisters
Next get out your glue gun and start gluing the silverware in a pattern all around each hoop. I spaced them about 2" apart and then I wanted to add some red to make it pop in between the silverware. I found these little red bows at Hobby Lobby and glued them on every other area in between the silverware. 

Beauty and the Beast chandelier DIY
 I used fairly wide ribbon and attached it with hot glue starting at the bottom and then went up and made sure to leave a lot of extra at the top to hang from a tree or wherever you need to hang it. I only used three strands but should have done four. I have to say that the ribbon part was the trickiest part...because you want it to hang correctly. So if I were to make this again I would probably start with the biggest hoop and hang it from something and then add the other hoops with ribbon to make sure it all hangs straight...but it still worked great because you can maneuver the ribbon to hang correctly. 
Beauty and the Beast chandelier DIY- The style sisters

 I can't wait to use this for my granddaughter to have a tea party with her and her friends one day soon. :)

 Here is the chandy hanging in the campsite from the canopy! 

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  1. Karin, that chandy is such a great idea, as well as how you carried it out. Great party, esp with your MacGyver husband!

  2. What an idea for a piece of furniture, would not fall on someone's head.