Fashion Friday Old Navy Wide leg linen blend drawstring pants with pockets

By Karin Brosnan - Friday, June 09, 2017

Fashion Friday! 
I haven't done a Fashion post in a long time but I just had to share these super comfy pants with you! 
Fashion Friday, Old Navy wide leg linen blend drawstring pants, chicover50
My cute friend Maria and I are twinners! I was wearing them to her house the other day and she told me she had the same pair but she hemmed hers up a little bit to make them cropped and they look adorable!! We decided to both wear them to our youth Lake activity the other night. Twinners!! These pants are from Old Navy and they are Linen and Rayon and seriously the most comfortable pants ever! WE are going to call them Ladies Lake pants :) 
 P.S. I am not an affiliate with Old Navy I am just telling my buddies what I like. 

 The youth in our church had such a great time at the lake the other night! 
 So many great friends allowed the kids to use their paddle boards and kayaks and they had a blast!
 The houses that face the lake are stunning to say the least!

Let me know what you think of our twinning Lady Lake pants :)

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