Dining alfresco in the backyard

By Karin Brosnan - Thursday, April 20, 2017

Our Easter dinner was held in our daughters backyard this year and it was so BEAUTIFUL! 

Alfresco dining, Easter dining outside, Spring tablescape, Eating outdoors
 We mixed my white dinner plates with hers, used two sets of my goblets and a mixture of colorful napkins and white napkins

Lilacs and daffodils, flowers from the garden
The gorgeous flowers were from her yard...the smell of lilacs is amazing

Alfresco dining

 Even "Bob" the chicken enjoyed having the whole family over. My 4 yr old grandson named her Bob and now the every time the 1byr old grandson sees a picture of a chicken he says Bob..its is hysterical!
Bob the chicken
We had not one but two tables set up to hold everyone...this was pretty much the kid table mixed with a few adults. 

Family dinner in the backyard, backyard dining
 The weather was spectacular!
Alfresco dining

 The food was so delicious and everyone brought something to share
Ham dinner
 Our beautiful daughter and her handsome hubby

 The grandson that called chickens "Bob"
 It was a perfect Easter Sunday spent with the family 
The style sisters, Family

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  1. Cute family pics!

    And doesn't food always taste better when eaten outdoors?

    Your tablescape is beautiful.

    Have a happy weekend. : - )

    1. Thank you Michelle... I totally agree food always tastes better outdoors! I can't get enough of it when the weather starts to warm up!

  2. Family matters, indeed! Karin, you look adorable in your hat and I love your haircut. Beautiful family and setting for Easter.

    1. Rita... you are so sweet! Family time is my number 1 thing! Thank you for the compliment on my hat .. I love hats and I need to wear them more often because they are just fun!