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Fashion Friday- Throw Back

I came across a coupe of old pictures that I thought you would love to see! LOL I am rocking this black jumpsuit don't you think? My daughters think it looks like a mechanics suit! My brother in his light blue tuxedo is a total classic too! I think this was for his 8th grade graduation. I am probably 16 yrs old here

Ok so you know I've told you that I am short waisted and here is the proof!!  Haha long legs with no body! It just cracks me up looking at this photo. Seeing these makes me miss my sweet brother a lot. For those of you who don't know.. My brother passed away 5 years ago from colon cancer at the young age of 48 :( but he is still alive in hearts, memories and we see him in all his children! It's amazing how many of them have his mannerisms!! 
Hope you've enjoyed your Friday! 

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