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Fashion Friday- Old Navy Seersucker Pixie Chinos

Fashion Friday- Old Navy Striped Chino's Pixie Style
Fashion Friday- Old Navy Seersucker  chino pants
I found these pants recently at Old Navy and loved them!
They have a nice stretch to them which makes them super comfortable
Fashion Friday- Old Navy pin stripe chino pants
This stripe just screams spring to me! I paired them with this peachy colored paisley blouse that is really lightweight and comfortable.
Fashion Friday- Old Navy pin stripe chino pantsDo you love my sneaks?! Target has them in multiple colors!! They make me feel like a kid again..... I wore these "deck shoes" as we called them, in Navy or White all the time growing up in Cali. My friends and I would use our babysitting money and ride our bikes to the mall and buy our "deck shoes" at JCPennys for about $6.00
Fashion Friday- Old Navy pin stripe chino pantsThose were the good ole days :)
I just realized looking at these pics that most of my eye makeup is gone... Spring has sprung and my allergies have kicked in full blast and my eyes water all day long :(
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. So cute! Thanks for telling me about those pants. I really like them. I'm going tol have to see if I can find some at the O.N. where I shop.



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