By Karin Brosnan - Monday, September 26, 2016

Talk like a pirate day party in the backyard
My daughter and son-in-law had such a fun Pirate party in their backyard with friends and neighbors. 
I made a pirate boat out of a watermelon that I found on Pinterest
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We created a fun photo booth by hanging a black sheet off of a small pergala in their backyard and it looked great with the vines hanging down. 

We had fun taking silly pirate photos with the grandkids. 

To make the pirate boat you cut a long length off the top of the melon, then use a melon baller to make small balls of watermelon and use a Ice cream scoop to create large balls of watermelon. Scrape out all the rest of the melon so it is pretty clean (kind of like scraping out a pumpkin) then cut 4 small round holes on each side to represent where the cannon balls would shoot out. 

How to make Pirate ship out of a watermelon

 Cut rectangle pieces out of the top piece you cut off to create sails. Scrape the melon part off so that they can bend easier. Skewer each piece onto wooden skewers to make them look like they are in the wind. Fill the carved out melon with all the balled watermelon pieces and add other fruit as desired. I used blueberries to add contrast and even put a few of the larger blueberries into the holes so it looked like cannons :) For the front sail scrape the shape of skull and bones into the skin of the melon. I ended up using my fingernail LOL it worked the best. I drew the shapes with a pencil and then scraped around the eyes so it looked like skull.
watermelon pirate ship, Pirate party food
 Everyone brought treats to share...one person brought caramel corn in a treasure chest, Madeline made these super cool blueberry dyed cracked avovado devil eggs but I didn't get a picture of them :( but here is the recipe from Family Spice Note: we did not use wasabi
 For decorations in the yard Madeline had the kids place skulls and bones in the planter box by the patio and it looked so cool!
Outdoor Halloween party deocrations, Pirate party
 As it got dark we hung up a white sheet from the trees to watch Pirates of the Carribean. Such a fun fun night!
Halloween outdoor movie Pirates of the Carribbean, Halloween pirate pary

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