Don't you just love the look of porches! I found these photos on the Country Home magazine website and just loved them. They have this romantic, soft billowy look about them. We don't have a porch at our current home but I sure would love to have one someday. I can just imagine myself..... sitting out on our beautiful porch on a perfect summer evening...we finished dinner, the dishes are done, and my hubby and I are drinking a tall cold glass of refreshing lemonade and eating some homemade flaky shortbread cookies just out of the oven! We sit there into the evening watching neighborhood kids play "hide and go seek" out in the street and reminisce about how we used to do that as kids. Then we watch the sunset.... and soon the fireflies start to light up all around us and we just smile at each other and enjoy the sweet quiet moment.

Please share with us how you enjoy your porch or how you would like to enjoy a porch of your own?

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